Function: cosmetic treatment of cellulite.

Some main active ingredients: Concentrated extract of FUCUS vesiculosus, CAFFEINE, vitamine E/Tocoferol, concentrated extract of “Centella asiatica”and Comfrey-essential oil of rosemary concentrated extract of horse-chestnut & capsicum, Skin-balances of functional base & biophytohydroderivates as necessary-Ph:5.3-5.7.

Advice on use & suggestions: is a brown alga rich in mucilages that are emollient & protective for the epidermis. In synergy with the iodine present, the extract of this plant are particulary indicated in the adjuant treatment of Epidermis cellulite. This beauty problem can begin at early ages in women; bad diet & a sedentary or stressful life can have a negative effect on the metabolism & cellular exchange with a consequential over-production of adipose tissue & decelaration of the blood circulation. The FUCUS-CAFFEINE treatment encourages the improvement of the aforementioned aspects & makes the surface skin more elastic, its toning effect helps the skin become smoother & softer. Use the Fucus-Caffeine cream daily, gently, massaging in an upwards direction until it’s absorbed. Check Your diet, avoid fried foods, fats, sweets, coffee. Reduce salt intake & drink plenty of still water. Stop smoking or limit it as much as possible. Drink a glass of water when you have cigarette pangs.

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