Intimo Alla Malva Femme

The mallow plant is particularly rich in mucilage.Its extracts are therefore widely used for their typical emollient, softening, refreshing and skin-calming properties.

The natural & delicate formulation of Intimo Alla Malva Femme make it ideal for frequent intimate Cleansing, it does not affect the phospholipide layer. Intimo Alla Malva Femme is created specifically for personal hygiene. The mallow & chamomile extracts & Cocobetaine form a protective film leaving the skin Elastic & velvety. It cleanses perfectly, delicately, purifying, re-epithelising and deodorizing.Some main ingredients: Eudermic detergents of natural Origin and high skin-compatibility, cocobetaine, mallow And chamomille extract, Silvestre essence. PH:4,4-4,6.

Available in pharmacies.






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