By elaborating the old natural recipes of our ancestors, we formulated Malva Colic Gel. Thanks to a light massage, it helps to calm and eliminate the stomachache in babies, children and adolescents. The action of Malva Colic Gel is manifested by the local absorption (massages on the belly) and by the inhalation of the volatile parts of the plant extracts intervening directly on the hypothalamus. Below, the vegetable extracts used and their action: Malva (mauve): CalmingAnethole: anti-flatulence, stimulating gastric juices Melisse: antispam, calms intestinal painsCamomilia: attenuates abdominal colic-Orange: sedative effect Gauge: avoids indigestionRosemary: regulates hepatic and digestive functionsFennel: protects against gas colic, anti-spasms, blocks fermentation in the intestinesLavander: relaxing effect, lute against nervousness and insomnia. Directions for use: Apply in massage on the area concerned. Use 1 to 2 times a day.