MALVA PH:8(Anti-Mycosis)

The abnormal diffusion of hygienic products(intimate detergents & deodorants) that took place in the last years has resulted into an increased vaginitis with symptoms varying from unpleasant itching to burning sensation, pain, vaginal discharge, going to infections caused by germs & pathogens fungus. The frequent use of intimate detergents & deodorants of inconvenient formulation modifies the vaginal coat & introduces micro-organisms pathogens & fungus. Therefore, it is essential to respect & increase the local natural defense using a specific mild detergent. MALVA ph:8 (A-Mycosis)with its pH:8, the “propoli” extract & undecellenic acid, is the ideal detergent that answers those problems. It is recommended as an adjuvant to reinforce the typical treatment protecting the delicate vaginal balance & enhances the natural flora. It is also used as an anti mycosis solution for the whole body and all family members. In this case, it is recommended to change your underwear and towel after each bathing. Use daily (1 to 2 times or follow the medical prescription). With water like liquid soap, rinse well & dry gently without rubbing.

Some main ingredients: Cocamidopropyl betaine, glycerin, disodium undecylenamido measulfosuccinate, propolis cera, nonoxynol-10, camomille recutita, malva sylvestris, menthol, citric acid, urea imidazolidinyl, ph:8

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