Function: Anti-Weal, firming and elasticy action for the body.

Some main active Ingredients: Almond oil-naturel factor of hydration-vitamine F-vitamine E/tocopherolKarite butter-centella asiatica e/s dermoequilibrant of the functional base and biophytophydro origine(necessary dose). Ph:6.4-6.9.

Advice on use &suggestions: The asiatic acid, madecasse acid and the saponin, important components of the integral and concentrated extract of the “centella asiatica” have the quality of providing an elasticity and a strengthening effects. The almond oil has an excellent emollient power and it is particularly indicated for the sensitive skin’s treatment. The essential presence of other elements biovegetables exalts the PREMAMAN CREMA quality, which softness show it’s better activity in the treatment of dry skin. Breast, abdomen, legs, due to many factors, can suffer degradations of the elastic fibre and loose its harmony. PREMAMAN CREMA helps to prevent and to treat those manifestations of the body, by giving a new stimulation, tonacity and hydratation. It helps to revitalise the epidermis during the most delicate cases, such as before, during and after pregnancy.

Use PREMAMAN CREMA every day by massaging softly until absorption, in a circular way and always from bottom to top.

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