STRIKE is a product powerfully acting against any kind of micro-organisms. It is also an effective deodorant for any kind of odour. STRIKE is active even in the presence of organic compounds. However, the best way to improve the results is to remove the organic compounds before spraying the product. Thanks to its wetting facility STRIKE spreads very well on all types of surfaces onto which it is sprayed, and penetrates deeply into all those areas where microbes can nest more easily, performing it’s antibacterial action for many days by means of a protective film. Final rinsing is not necessary. Only the surfaces that contact directly with food must be rinsed with water to avoid interfering with the fragrant compound. Hygiene problems can be solved by STRIKE, depriving bacteria and mould of nourishing substances, preventing their growth and development; in the same way STRIKE combats the proliferation of moulds. The hygiene of surfaces is always a critical point to check (Critical Control Point CCP) and requires suitable products, STRIKE, with it’s anti-bacterial effect, is able to bring positive results to the verification tests on the efficiency of the program of sanitation provided for by the application of the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) system.

The deodorant action is effected by disaggregating the molecules responsible of the unpleasant smells and blocking the microbial degradation of the organic compounds.

Composition: non-ionic tension-actif, antibacterial to a wide spectrum, fragrance, biodegradable over 90%.